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CAMP is the culmination of years of experience and plain old good timing.This building (built sometime between 1903 and 1906) has housed several cafes over the course of several decades, and the history is tangible. We strive to give our" touring" patrons something they enjoy, and the locals something to be proud of. I believe in community and happy bellies....

We are open 7 days a week year round, including all Stat Holidays. We do not offer table or menu service at this time, however we have a vast variety of desserts and ready to eat savory treats!

                   Open 7 days a week 9:00 am- 3pm
Things are a little different, but we're still offering great grab  and go selections for our patrons....and of course delicious                    coffees and teas. Can't wait to see you all!                      


My vision was to create an old time/modern space that plays on what "CAMP" means to all sorts of people. From vintage mountaineering, mining history, forestry and my time spent in the Kootenays & Canadian Rockies...I have always loved and appreciated that "old school mountain vibe". It is my ardent hope that we have created a place where people can feel relaxed and well satiated. I believe in home-style good food and delightful service... and above all consistency and quality. I  enjoy people and want CAMP to be a place where locals and visitors alike can share ideas, stories,songs,laughter and muffins.


Bike friendly
Organic& Farm-fresh
close to  lakeside campground
Picnic service
gift s & Swag

"The best carrot cake Ive ever had!"

"a great little cafe! amazing food! friendly staff! If you're ever in Silverton you must check this place out!

"great double Americano! the whole neighbourhood smelled delicious!"

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